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Technical Information
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Digital Boudoir Photography:

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Fabulous Images of Any Woman

Technical Information
Digital Boudoir Photography
Adobe Lightroom: Photographers Guide
Glossary of Digital Photography
Setting Up A Photo Studio in a One-Hour Photo Lab

I get requests for more technical information about the images in this book. Here are some general guidelines for what I did. For this book I kept it simple by using automatic functions wherever possible. I tried to duplicate how many beginners and amateurs would do it, not necessarily the best way, In most cases I used the following equipment:
  • Fuji S2 camera
  • Nikon SB80DX with a Photojournalist flash diffuser for flash fill
  • Lens: Tokina 24-200mm f3.5-5.6 zoom and a Sigma 15-30mm f3.5-4.5
  • Quantum QB1c auxiliary battery for the Fuji S2 camera
  • Quantum QB1 auxiliary battery for the Nikon SB80DX flash

I used the following settings most of the time:

  • Auto Exposure
  • Auto white balance
  • ISO 400
  • JPEG Fine mode (I will normally use RAW mode when creating boudoir portraits, but I did not do that here).
  • Largest size image (creates about a 35 MB or 12 MP file)
  • Autofocus (although I turned this off as necessary)
  • STD color
  • STD tone
  • Sharpening off
  • Automatic mode on the flash (although I would dial the exposure up and down for outdoor fill flash use)
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Technical Data on the Cover Photograph:

shutter speed: 1/30 second, f4.5, 48mm zoom lens setting, ISO 400, shutter priority, flash fill