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Digital Boudoir Photography:

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Fabulous Images of Any Woman


Frequently Asked Questions

This is the first place to check if you have questions. The questions and answers will be updated as they are asked, so feel free to stop back by and check.

Q: I'd like to send a message to one of the women in the book. Can you send me their email address?

A: Most of the women in the book are either married or have a boyfriend and are not interested in romantic encounters. They also tend to be very private. If you send me the message I will forward it to them, but I can't promise that they will give you a reply. :-)

Q: I'd like to see more photographs of some of the women. How can I do that?

A: Buy the next book. :-) If this one sells well, the publisher will want me to write a follow on book, so encourage your friends to purchase copies as well.


Digital Boudoir Photography
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