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The best way to contact me is by email. If your question is about one of the books, please check the FAQ of that book before contacting me. If your question is already answered in the FAQ and you email me, you will receive a form letter style email back suggesting that you check the FAQ. Please don't consider it rude. With the number of emails a day that I receive exceeding 500 and growing, I have to make some economies in the use of my time or else I will never have a chance to write the next book. :-) On the other hand, new questions or comments are greatly encouraged. I will add them to the FAQ and possibly to future editions of the book as well. Please allow me a couple of days to respond to your email. Sometimes I am tied up with clients or away from the studio traveling without email access. I will return your email just as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for your understanding! Email me at

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